Project Description


Good earth orchard came into being in the soothing and shaded ambience of chikoo and coconut plantations. The land fitted the bill of designing a community that existed in harmony with nature and encouraged a green lifestyle.Absorbing from traditional concepts of planning and craftsmanship, it integrates contemporary technology and lifestyles in its design. It is designed on a 7 acre piece of land and hosts 57 homes.



Aimed at holistic development beneficial to both the residents of the community and also the environment around them, Orchard reinstates the concept of a neighborhood, where sustainability is part of everyday life, be it the green vertical walls that is home to a diverse species of butterflies or the swimming pool where water is recycled and organically purified by plant beds. Here, sustainability is enforced not just as a concept but has been integrated into everyday lives, thus making the community and residents adopt a sensitive and con scious perspective.



Malhar Orchard was planned around cluster homes and intimate open spaces. The idea germinated from the natural landscape of the site and also the essence of community living. Each individual home responds to the context and climate and to the environment around them in terms of spacious verandahs, courtyards, backyards, gardens and boulevards. These elements integrate the homes with nature and thus bring about balanced planning. The clusters are linked by streets, purposefully not kept too wide to avoid heavy vehicular movement making it safe and more user friendly.



The spaces have been sensitively designed keeping in mind the necessity to stay connected to the ground. Hence, the built up is only one floor above the ground structure with plenty of open spaces and balconies, surrounded by lush vegetation. The houses are designed around a courtyard with verandas. The interior spaces within a house have minimum walls and flow into each other. The double-height staircase is an integral part of the house, and connects the two floors. The spacious bedrooms too overlook the open courtyard. The house is designed to allow adequate light and cross ventilation. Natural textures and warm tones, with space for individual expression, make each house unique.

Orchard Project Plan

Project Overview

2400 to 4000

Plot areas

2500 to 3500

Unit areas


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Land area

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