We integrate design, development, sustainability, living needs and future requirements into an integrated offering. Our end-to-end Design-Build service covers the entire development process from concepts, analyses, planning, through to design and construction right up to the handover of the finished project or building. We help to realise development outcomes by drawing on our consummate and practical technical expertise within areas such as architecture, ecological master-planning, green design, water, sustainable buildings, urban landscaping and project delivery. Through our commitment to local initiatives throughout the design-build process we are not only a customer focused company but one that aims to positively impact the wider community.

We encourage and boost natural home farming where the produce is grown in the homes of the residents and then exchanged or distributed through the community. We organise a weekly “Santhe” to help in distribution of the produce. We utilise environment friendly techniques that are chemical and pesticide free. The farming techniques that we pass on to residents are acquired from the best green practices across the country. The approach we take is a substantial shift away from known cultivation systems that permeate modern farming systems which use chemicals, pesticides and a host of practices that initially see a higher yield, but then degrade over a period of time. Techniques like “mulching”, using natural pest control systems, multi-cropping and a host of others help us grow produce that is fresh, safe, tasty and community driven with pride.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity – it is being used up faster than it is being replenished. The potential for water reuse is high, but adequate measures have not been taken. At GoodEarth we believe that water sustainability and replenishment will become a mandate not an option. We offer integrated water planning and management for all types of needs – project, enterprise or institutional. Our offerings span integrated planning, use, conservation and management of all water sources (surface water, groundwater, direct rainwater, reclaimed wastewater, etc.) throughout the hydrologic life cycle (source, conveyance, storage, distribution, collection, treatment, reuse and recharge) in a given needs scenario. We achieve this through an approach that draws from experience, best practices and a pedagogy that respects the environment.

At GoodEarth landscaping is an integral part of our design. The landscape forms are intentionally kept organic, to break the lines of the built form. The emphasis is on native species and creating an interactive landscape, which creates bio diversity. The forms and behavior of the trees and plants are used to create spaces in the landscape.

Our Process

We create the framework for exploring and identifying benefits, needs and long term focus areas through our planning, design & development competencies