Team Bengaluru

The rhythm of the table tennis ball can be faintly heard, through discussions over the ergonomics of the height of a pillar being 1.95 meters or 2.1 meters. Elsewhere the notice board speaks of the badminton tournament and the “flying tigers” vs “the roaring lions”, you can’t beat them!! At lunch, one can see the stream of workers taking a break, from the day’s work, the radio playing on their phone, some of them singing as they pass by Good Earth Tarana our office in Bangalore.

Meet the Team

Stanley George
Stanley GeorgeCo-founder
Stanley George is an experienced civil engineer by profession. He has been one of the pioneers of the original group started in 1987. Passionate about sustainable business and conservation, the business culture and ethics is led by him.
Jeeth Iype
Jeeth IypeCo-founder
Jeeth Iype is an architect, and has designed for a range of buildings and users, over the past 25 years. An idea person, he is excited by innovations and new concepts. Part of the team that conceptualizes the communities, he is also currently involved with social ventures in eco-tourism.
Parthasarathy S
Parthasarathy SDirector - Finance
Parthasarathy S. is a chartered accountant by profession, but as he puts it, it is only a margin of what it takes to run a sustainable business. Working with people across the legal, financial and government sectors, with a straightforward and down-to earth approach.
Biju P
Biju PDirector - Projects
Biju P is the master craftsman at Good Earth. He has been a part of the team since 2000, and has grown from handling the carpentry to presently leading the Construction Team at Bangalore. An eye for design and detail and a thorough knowledge of materials and processes, his inputs are integral to the design and building process.
Prashanth Palanisamy
Prashanth PalanisamyDirector - Design
Prashanth Palanisamy is best known for trying to integrate technology into every function of the construction process at GoodEarth, where he leads the Project Management. He completed his BE in Civil Engineering and Masters in Construction Management.

Sales and Marketing

Preetha, Manju, Ajay and George


Our Associates

Jaykumar and Pradeep

Jaykumar Associates


Structural Consultant

Michale Little

Landscape Architect


Farming Consultant
School of Natural Farming – Tumkur


Structural Consultant
Manjunath Consultants

Awards and Recognition

Won the Merit Award in the Futurarc Green Leadership Award-2015, Singapore.

Won the NDTV Property Awards-2015 in the Premium Apartment category.

Honored with the HUDCO Design Award-2015 in the Housing category.

Feted with the NDTV Design and Architecture Award-2015 in the Group Housing category.

Received the Gold Leaf Award-2015.

Won the HUDCO Design Award-2017 in the Housing category.