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Team Calicut

The carrom team sets up for a match…cheerleaders around pluck a brinjal or two from the terrace garden as the prize for the winning team…….the spirit of home away from home transcends…

A Space for all….a space for art….in our street gallery the display is being reviewed by Shantha chechi as she wants to add on a new painting….the energy of artists like her is infectious…be it deliberations by Jinan on awakening aesthetics….art workshops add new insights to this cohesive team of interactive architects , engineers, designers artisans, who have been able to take forward the fact that team work is dreamwork…….

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Meet The Team

Vinod P. Cyriac

This man is a pack of energy – an architect by profession, a graduate from MIT ( Manipal) .Vinod joined the bandwagon in 1993.He set up practice in 1997 at Calicut in the North Malabar region along with partner Anita. Being a keen planner, his organizational skills, agrarian roots and background has made him an individual with varied interests.

Vinod tends to have his hands in a lot of pies – especially the socio – politico forum.As part of his socio responsibility, he heads a number of public projects for the local bodies and panchayats, government libraries, schools and government hospitals.

Responsible tourism is also in his line of interest. Along with partner Anita, he started Space ART an architectural consultancy firm. A kick boxer by passion, his strengths are not to be quaffed at. This activist architect would be happy kicking off his shoes and walking barefoot.

Anita Choudhuri

An architect by profession, a conservationist by passion and a juggler by choice. Anita has in the past 25 years has had stints with writing, played with numbers and administration in the organisation. Though pursuing projects in the heritage sector has always been her interest, whether re innovating old heritage building or planning in historic areas.

Having graduated from MIT ( Manipal) along with partner Vinod they set up the architectural consultancy Space ART. She enjoys the nuances of planning for schools, hospitality and interiors. Reading and music helps her sway along. Staying true to her Bengali roots the shift can be like a goddess in wrath or in compassion.

Ramachandra Bhat

The person is a wiz with numbers, Ram graduated with a bachelors in Commerce and has been handling the finance for the organization .With a philosophical side to him no task seems too difficult. A passionate businessman with varied interests, a strife to excel is primary.

His line of interest are always supported by indepth fact research. A straight faced man with a penchant for humour, his well-timed quips does not fail tickle. A man on the move his need for speed is to be chuckled at.

Subash KG

Here’s a person who is determined to succeed. A Graduate in Civil Engineering with a Masters in Business Administration and has professional experience of over 30 years in the construction industry.

He is at the helm of affairs, an astute engineer and administrator. Always on the search for new innovative construction technologies and technique, his interest hardly wanes.

Subash does the disappearing act, a passionate traveller, making notes for his travelogue yet to be released.