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Malhar Ochre

Epitome of sustainable living nestled in GoodEarth Malhar

₹5.55 Cr onwards*

Malhar Ochre

Spacious 4 BHK Triplex Townhouses Community

Ochre, the 9th community of Malhar Eco-village, is a continuation of GoodEarth’s aesthetics coupled with functionality. Yet again, streets unwind leisurely around cluster parks, thriving lush gardens and community spaces. Open spaces within homes flow seamlessly and merge with the lavish courtyards, gardens, and verandahs.

Homes that reflect you!

Every community of ours is an intimate journey that we share with each of our clients. This has given us insights into how people live, use and interact with both personal and community spaces.


Walk in nature every morning…

Take a quiet walk in the morning or jog along the looping street outside of your home. A white-throated kingfisher calls among the thickets by the roadside, and your heart leaps in joy.


Open & lively neighbourhood

On entering Ochre, you sense the spaces unfolding and flowing unhindered. The feeling lingers, even as you enter the cluster areas, courtyards and homes.

"Even after several years, I feel refreshed when I enter our community and home.” ​

Guruprasad Rao
Resident - GoodEarth Malhar, Footprints

Brace yourself

Explore Malhar Ochre’s unique features

Indulge in the luxury of spacious living with our spacious homes, each equipped with a private lift for effortless access to every level. Enjoy the convenience of two private car parks, ensuring ample space for your vehicles.

Less than 10 Homes per acre

3500 – 4500 Sqft of Built-up

Large Private Back Gardens

Large open terraces

Option for caretaker room

G+2 Units with Private LIFT

2 Private Covered Car Parks

Malhar Ochre

Sustainable Design Process

Home owner is at the heart of our integrated planning model, which blends the environmental, social, economic, and physical aspects of design to create resource-efficient living spaces and communities.
Malhar Ochre’s low-density development fosters a sustainable living environment, prioritizing space, privacy, and natural surroundings for residents’ well-being.
Planning homes in clusters became the leitmotif of Malhar Ochre, a community envisioned as a network of intimate shared open spaces. The central space of each cluster was designed as a balance between the number of families sharing it and its relationship to the site as a whole.
The architecture had to reflect a blend of the contemporary with the traditional. The scale had to be human, and building low-rise preferred over high-rise. Climate sensitive and environment-friendly choices in the design were a priority.
Master Plan

Thoughtful Home Designs

Explore our meticulously-designed floor plans, offering a variety of layouts to suit your lifestyle and preferences. From expansive living areas to spacious bedrooms, each home at Malhar Ochre is thoughtfully-crafted to maximize space, comfort, and functionality.
Plot Area 2177.82 Sqft
Built-up Area 3697.35 Sqft
No of Rooms 4+study
Garden Area 333.78 Sqft
Parking 343.46 Sqft
Plot Area 2177.82 Sqft
Builtup Area 4122.04 Sqft
No of Rooms 4+study
Garden Area 329.57 Sqft
Parking 325.49 Sqft
Plot Area 3905.44 Sqft
Builtup Area 3444.27 Sqft
No of Rooms 4+study
Garden Area 161.83 Sqft
Parking 363.90 Sqft

Download our brochure to explore detailed plans of Ochre’s spacious 4BHK triplex town houses

Ideal Location

A Location for Life

Malhar Ochre is situated in a serene location that offers the perfect space, away from the city’s din. Our location provides you with easy access to essential conveniences such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, sports centres, café and more.

1.2 km to Challaghatta Metro Station

1.5 km to Nice Road junction

1.4 km to Bangalore-Mysore Expressway entrance

45 mins to CBD

30 mins to Electronic City via Nice Road

70 mins to Bengaluru International Airport

Your Gateway to Convenience!

GoodEarth Malhar located off Mysore Road, is cocooned in a locality known for its extensive green footprint. Experience a lifestyle where convenience meets connectivity. From top-notch schools and healthcare facilities to shopping malls and entertainment, our prime location ensures a dynamic and accessible living.

Baya Weaver - Discover the birds of Malhar

Where It All Comes Together

Malhar Eco-Village

Live, Work & Nurture



Live, Work & Nurture

Where It All Comes Together

Malhar Eco-Village

‘Live, Work & Revive’ forms the core of this GoodEarth community. Malhar brings together vibrant, like-minded people to share their dreams, values and talents; and nurture a sustainable environment. The planning of homes, community areas and commercial spaces in the layout reflect this idea, while ensuring that your home offers privacy and remains an expression of your individuality.

Green Community Spaces

Pedestrian-friendly Design

Thriving Ecosystem 

Rediscover Harmony with

An Intentional Community

Home to more than 600 families, over 500 varieties of plants and trees, and a thriving ecosystem of birds, bees, and fauna, spread over 8 communities.

Connecting people, forging bonds

At Malhar, you strengthen bonds with those who matter to you, while forging new connections with those around you.

Every Malhar home overlooks pedestrian-friendly, canopied pathways and playgrounds perfect for community gatherings, impromptu play and socialising.

We ensure safety of children and the elderly through thoughtfully- designed spaces.

Courtyards stand as living testaments to the harmonious integration of nature and architecture

GoodEarth Vision

Strengthening Sustainable Living

GoodEarth is a collective of architects, engineers, and professionals dedicated to holistic and sustainable design. With decades of experience, we address climate change through regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration and eco-friendly residential communities.

Exhilarating Experiences

Exploring Solutions

Rather than treating ourselves as experts in an unchanging environment, we see ourselves as constant thinkers, continually learning from the dynamic world and finding new ways of applying our knowledge.

Regenerative Agriculture

Water Management

Sustainable Design-and-Build

Ecoscaping and Ecological

Interior & Custom Furniture


Residential Communities

Our residential community design embodies a holistic approach, seamlessly blending with nature and local traditions. Through sustainable architecture, we craft spaces fostering a deep connection between inhabitants and the land.


Institutional Projects
GoodEarth has completed over 25 institutional projects, blending sustainable design with functionality to create inspiring spaces that cater to diverse needs and promotes living in harmony with nature.


Acres of Regenerative Farms
GoodEarth practices regenerative agriculture to reverse global climate change, restore soil health, revive ecosystems, and connect farmers who grow food the natural way with consumers through Petrichor, our organic store.

"This place just brought me so much closer to nature than I ever have been in my life."

Kavya Sridharan
Resident - GoodEarth Orchard

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