“What sets the households apart is the attitude of being close to nature by being simple and useful with an artistic value attached to the thinking behind the construction. Living here is like living in heaven.”A delicate balance of community values, individual needs, aesthetic judgments and technical requirements marks this housing community” -The Hindu, Bangalore.

Project Overview

1200 to 6000

Plot areas




Land area

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Good Earth Enclave was our first attempt at group housing in Bangalore. An intentional community, it was initiated by a group of friends, who collectively purchased the land. The layout was designed to accommodate the different plot sizes that were required. Not everybody planned to build their home immediately and the first group of 9 homes was designed and built by us. The subsequent homes have been built by the owners themselves taking the help of other architects and builders.Bounded by a rough stone “chappdi” wall around the entire 3 acres, the community has no boundary walls within. A central green space, leads to two streets along which the houses are planned. Apart from the central green, other open spaces have also been created. Off the street, stone benches, grassy mounds and a meeting space by a pond, all make for a vibrant community.