At Calicut, it has been our endeavor to bring together like minded individuals to translate homesteads that blend into the surroundings- simplicity with the allure of nature.

Calicut is the youngest of the Good Earth centres , villaments and combinations with villas is how it has worked for Good Earth Hermitage (2007) , Good Earth Florican Hill (2011) & Good Earth Walk on the Clouds (2019) Good Earth Riversong (2015).

Confronted by the challenges and demands of different clientele we have often been compelled to break connections and devise alternative planning and construction techniques, allowing the built space to be adapted to varied users, following the dictates of nature rather than opposing.

In all our projects we strive to re-innovate on local skills and materials. Exposed hollow bricks in a composite masonry has proved to be very effective in terms of insulation and cooler inner built form has been achieved. A blend of bamboo and steel has always brought together the symphony of tradition and modernity singing together.


Our latest venture Walk on the clouds is a tropical Hi rise at Calicut ( Malaparamba off NH 66) an ideal location for fine living characterised by natural energy flows as well as landscaped sky gardens.

The use of natural materials locally sourced cavity walls to create a  thermal comfort are conscious construct techniques that have been adopted. The effort is to scale down the spaces to a more human scale.

An own patch of green from the living space allows you to stop and smell the flowers tucked away but hardly 800m from the junction. Walk on the Clouds will add a new profile to the cityscape.

There are 39 units, a mix of single level and dupleix units. Project completed and handed over in November 2019



Good Earth Hermitage our first venture at Calicut was based on the traditional tharavaad homes of Kerala a “ Naalukettu”. 16 units in 35 cents of land is a close unit community. The green central court ( vehicle free ) is the heart and lungs to the community. A place to accost, a place to meet, a place to watch the little birds and children as they chose their dreams.The project won the award for Excellence in Architecture (Public buildings category) instituted by Indian Institute of Architecture (Kerala Chapter) in 2007.

It  is located just off Mavoor road, at Chevayoor, a premium residential suburb of Calicut city. The site is an elevated land surrounded by lush greens; an ideal setting for a peaceful living , conveniently away from the hassles of crowded city .



Barefoot on the hills

Life is best lived when we submit ourselves to nature’s magnanimous designs. When we peel away the layers that separate us from nature, from each other and from our own selves. Embracing. Experiencing. Enriching. Barefoot on the Hills by Good Earth is a living concept with this experience at its core. Situated amidst sprawling acres of lush greenery at Mundikkal Thazham, Calicut, Barefoot on the Hills is about community, choice, calmness and a connection. Rather a communion.

Registration Number: K-RERA/PRJ/125/2020
Registration Number: K-RERA/PRJ/236/2020

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Gallery of some of our living communities in Calicut. Please click on the images for details


… the earth has music for those who listen……….

Space ART the consultancy wing at Calicut in its quest to minimise reinnovate through unconventional planning and follows its own building protocols. Whether for residences or resorts and even a structure of heritage value.

Every building has a different tale to tell.

At Kingsbay a used car show room was reused and renovated as a multi cuisine restaurant keeping the flavours of its existing Indo British architecture. A reinterpretation of an old bunglow by the beach – the balance between the old and new.

……home …..where the music is playing…..

A flexibility in residential design catering to discerning tastes of clients has always added an individuality. Stabilised mud blocks with the use of “ chappadi stone “ , jaisalmer stone and chettinad tiles have added colour to the spirit of a home. Suggestions, preferences and ideas of a client are closely adhered to when working at individual residential scale.

When we don’t wish to adapt, we resort to change because the places we spend time most paint a portrait of our personality. They become a part of us, reflecting our lives, our beliefs and our values. It is the interiors that do all the talking space power of communication.

A team believing in and implementing an idea as one , has often allowed a space for painters, artists sculptures along with Architects and Engineers.

…..each had his turn at this earth…they worked on morning together – together producing the fruit of the earth…





We coordinate resale of units in our completed communities.

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Within our communities, Agreements, Renewals, Payment of Taxes, etc.

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We also offer design and project management consultancy services for residences and multiple housing. Through this, we try to understand individual aspirations and the day to day life of people. How we could, through the design and building, not only conserve and manage material and resources, but encourage an ethos which would extend to other spheres as well.

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