An extremely linear site with a distinct sloping terrain demanded a site responsive solution. The linearity did not permit a central court but a green space was needed to uphold the values of community living-macro and micro courts were planned. Spaces were handled as three levels , each level having a combination of single and duplex units. The bridges connecting the different levels become the vibrant community spaces which look into the green spaces below. The limitation of land allowed the innovation of vertical green walls.

The natural land profile was maintained, the three module blocks allowed a rhythmic massing. The hierarchy was from the lower to the higher levels ,the same as the public road profile. Natural materials such as vellikal and a combination of composite masonry, bring forth earth hues. In the central block the bridges that connect the various levels add vibrancy to the community space below, which has an open club space. There is a visual continuity from the court and club to the green cultivated farm on the rear side, this allows free movement of the natural breeze.

The bridged levels, the vertical bamboo wall add to the playfulness of the court below visually linking the spaces. Terrace gardens at intermediate levels of the duplex units becomes the lungs of the home, which overlooks the cultivated land on the rear side. The hierarchy of terraces in each unit allows a visual continuity, as the play of planes in massing, completes the imagery .

The duplex unit entry level has an open living and dining hall which opens out into the sky garden. The adjacent open kitchen allows multiple activities in this area , making it the energy centre of the home. The upper levels are connected by a staircase which overlooks the intermediate spaces. Externally the staircase is abutted by green courts which are looked into from the kitchen and living spaces. The interlinking of spaces with green courts ,terraces and bridges add drama to this community.

The individual sky terraces is able to give the openness and comfort to the homemakers .This terrace is overlooked by the balcony above , interspersed by terraces at other levels every space has access to an open area.

The court in the central block with the vertical walls of green act as an important transition space to the club. The open buffer adds to the spatial quality, increasing the user comfort and experience. All the units on the ground floor are accessed from this green court.

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