GoodEarth: A look back – then & now

GoodEarth: A look back – then & now

By Published On: June 14, 2024

A motley group of engineers, architects and designers inspired by the common-sense architecture of Laurie Baker, ideas of decentralised development by Mahatma Gandhi and Fukuoka’s ecological farming started GoodEarth in the late 80s.

Now, it’s been more than 35 years since its inception, and in addition to building residential communities that’s rich, diverse and sustainable, GoodEarth has taken up regenerative agriculture in more than 60 acres in the states of Karnataka and Kerala, as a response to climate change.

Reviving once degraded land to life through ecological restoration that’s both thoughtful in design and guided by science, we at GoodEarth have restored an urban lake in the neighbourhood, Kengeri, created Toyota Eco-Zone in Bidadi and a portion of the National Law School of India, NLSIU, Bangalore.

However, the need for something more drove us to new explorations in regenerative development. And the search led to Saarang, GoodEarth’s first holistic eco-village in Kannur district, Kerala.

Look at our spectacular journey of more than three decades, wherein people, and a care for the environment continue to be the cornerstone of our work.