Building Sustainable Communities for over 30 years

At GoodEarth we envision a future where living spaces are built within thriving, bustling, fully integrated communities of people who share a common vision of sustainability. All our partnerships and developments cultivate a strong sharing of economy, innovation, entrepreneurship and, above all, community cohesion.

Our Work

We currently have a presence in Bengaluru, Kochi and Calicut where we have developed communities, delivered projects and enabled multiple sustainability and green initiatives. We have over 600 homes built across multiple residential centres, have completed numerous institutional projects and offer our clients Design-Build services for their own development.

Where we are

At Bengaluru, we design and develop residential communities and offer consultancy services to corporates and institutions, while driving initiatives that promote holistic and sustainable urban development.

Kochi was where the GoodEarth journey began and has been the home of the entire group. Most of our earlier consultancy works were based in and around Cochin, and ten of our residential communities have been built here.

GoodEarth Calicut was established 19 years ago as a design consultancy. We have designed projects across genres, in the private and public realm. A lot of our work has received recognition and awards.

What we stand for

At GoodEarth we create vibrant communities and spaces through holistic design and collaborative discussion. We are passionate about development that resonates with nature while delighting those who live and work in them. Our work spans residential, commercial, institutional, bespoke design and consultancy services across multiple practices.

What we value

“To create a society, that is environmentally sensitive, economically sensible and socially secure.”

Environmentally Sensitive

Environmentally Sensitive

Being environmentally sensitive must be the “new normal” if we want our planet to thrive. It has to start in our own backyards, communities, workplaces and extend to national levels. At GoodEarth we imbue this idealogy into our plans, designs, habits and practices. We believe that development can happen while being respectful towards nature and the environment. Our multidisciplinary in-house team, comprises architects, engineers and sustainability experts – all collaborating to deliver environmentally conscious designs that span communities, corporates, homes and workplaces.

Economically Sensible


Development cannot exist in a utopian bubble. Through
our work we try to answer questions of economic realities that pervade the world at large. Can we contribute to a society that balances out economic growth with social development? Can the individual at all levels be treated with respect and regard? Is it not a responsibility for a development or enterprise to foster social development and a vibrant economy around it? For decades we have sought to answer these questions while trying to imbue many of these principles into our work and at the enterprise level. From creating vast local employment, to rejuvenating water bodies in and around our projects, to introducing natural farming and community santhes, we try, every day in every way to make this a reality.

Socially Secure

Socially Secure

The built environment provides the setting in which we live our lives; it impacts our senses and emotions and shapes our physical activity, participation in community life and general well-being.  Meanings are generated by buildings and spaces, which we ‘read’ as we pass through them. At GoodEarth we have sought to create communities that are cohesive at a macro level while respecting the space and identity of the individual at an intimate scale. We bring our decades of experience to the fore while designing and crafting our communities, believing that they will grow and influence one another and the neighbourhoods around them. Through our efforts in development, our vision is to inspire change in the way people live, interact and engage with each other and the world at large.

Where we come from

GoodEarth is the constantly evolving journey of a team that drew inspiration from Laurie Baker and sought to realise his sensibilities through development. Our ideas and approach have been received with warmth from many appreciative customers who have chosen to walk the same path that we forged. Our evolution has spanned many avatars – from an NGO to Consultancy to Design Built Group to a Development Firm. Throughout this journey, our work has been inspired by sustainable development, informed by customer feedback and evolved through a creative blend of disciplines.