“To create a society that is environmentally
sensitive, economically sensible and socially secure.”

At GoodEarth we are engaged in bringing together like-minded people with a common vision of building a sustainable future.

We are a group of architects, engineers, craftsmen, naturalists, and professionals who strive for holistic design and hands-on execution in a variety of projects. Over the past three decades we have built many residential communities and have gained deeper insights on ground water, soil and ecosystems.

Today GoodEarth is trying to address larger issues like climate change and desertification through regenerative agriculture, sustainable water management, ecoscaping, along with its core business of building residential communities.

Our goal is to inspire change in the way people live through our focussed efforts that are holistic, scientific, aesthetic and sensitive to the environment and the people.

Ongoing Residential Communities

New Community

4BHK Triplex Homes 4 Acres, 38 Homes Large Private Gardens Homes with Private Lift






Town Houses


Malhar Ochre

Ochre, the 9th community of Malhar Eco-village, is a continuation of GoodEarth’s aesthetics coupled with functionality. Yet again, street unwind leisurely around cluster parks, thriving lush gardens and community spaces. Open spaces emerge within homes flow seamlessly and become one with the lavish courtyards, gardens, verandahs and balconies.

Indulge in the luxury of spacious living with our  spacious homes at Ochre, each equipped with a private lift for effortless access to every level. Enjoy the convenience of two private car parks, ensuring ample space for your vehicles.







Malhar Octave

Malhar Octave offers thoughtfully-designed villas with modern amenities and eco-friendly features, nestled in a serene location that provides easy access to essential conveniences.
Our community blends urban amenities with sustainable living and aims to enrich your lifestyle, nurture your well-being, and foster a sense of belonging. Come home to a sustainable community that embraces contemporary living and nature’s quietude.







Malhar Motif

The seventh community of Malhar Eco-village, a child-first and a car-free community, comprises 76 town houses on 4.9 acres and has 70% open space and imbibes the ethos of GoodEarth and the Malhar Eco-village of which it is a part.

Located within GoodEarth Malhar, Motif is the latest addition to the fold. In the Villas at Motif, you will discover the joy of finding homes customized to your living requirements. From the thoughtfully planned inner spaces to the sustainable materials that we use, the villas articulate the passion that we have infused within them.


Acres Total Area


Acres Food Forest


Acres Community


Saarang is a special place covering 27 acres where people can live, work, play, and learn in a nice environment. It’s like a big community where everyone, including kids and elders, is taken care of. The village has different areas for homes, a cool playground, and spaces for people to work together.
There’s also a magical 12-acre forest that provides healthy food for everyone. Saarang is not just a place to live; it’s a friendly community where people can have fun, work, and learn together, making sure everyone is happy and has what they need.

700- 1100

sq.ft Gardens


Vertical Villas



Modern Times

GoodEarth Modern Times will be a new exploration into urban biodiversity. It welcomes you warmly into the lap of nature. Modern Times offers you an alternative urban environment that places you close to nature and flora spanning trees, shrubs and plants within the city. These conditions are typically found mostly in suburban homes with gardens. Modern Times delivers a new scale of proximity between nature and the built environment. Welcome landscapes, gardens and the beauty of skylines into your life.

Modern Times is a community of 40 vertical villas that offer 4 bedroom units with both duplex and single level options. Build spaces vary around 4150 sq. ft., with a garden area of 1100 sq. ft., for the single floor units and 4550 sq. ft., with a garden area of 750 sq. ft., for the duplex units. Together with green roofs, vegetable gardens and vertical gardens, Modern Times belongs to a new generation of environmental regeneration projects aimed at improving the quality and variety of everyday life in contemporary cities.


Panoramic View


kW of Solar Power Generation



Barefoot On The Hills

Life is best lived when we submit ourselves to nature’s magnanimous designs. When we peel away the layers that separate us from nature, from each other and from our own selves. Embracing. Experiencing. Enriching. Barefoot on the Hills by Good Earth is a living concept with this experience at its core. Situated amidst sprawling acres of lush greenery at Mundikkal Thazham, Calicut, Barefoot on the Hills is about community, choice, calmness and a connection. Rather a communion.
A mixed development residential project comprising of villa plots, villaments and townhouses, Barefoot on the Hills is perched on a picturesque hillock with its dew-laden greenery, blue skies, bright sunshine and refreshing breeze. Thought over in detail and meticulously planned to not just blend in with the unique topography of the land, but rather enhance it.

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How we impact

Caring for the environment and the people underlies all we do. Through our efforts in building residential communities, we hope to create greater sensitivity towards sustainability goals that would eventually influence neighbourhoods and development models.

Through regenerative agriculture our effort is to protect groundwater and soil health, yet meet the food production and economy of farmers.

We are managing farm lands in different agro-climatic zones to establish designs and package of practices. We hope this would lead to reversing climate change, production of nutritious food, reverse desertification, protect groundwater and ecosystems in farm lands.

Our efforts in lake restoration and ecoscaping will lead to better designs and practices in conservation efforts.

Finding lasting solutions is what we need to look at.

We feel that the sustainability development phase is over; we lost the bus. We have to now look at regenerative development; where soil is regenerated, ecosystems are revived while meeting the food security movement and other requirements.

Every development, thus, needs to be visualised as part of a functional ecosystem.

Regenerative Agriculture

Health of the soil determines the health of the society, and in it lies the future. GoodEarth takes to regenerative agriculture to restore the health of the soil.

Residential Communities

Creation of communities that’s diverse, rich and sustainable is our aim. We build spaces that inspire, and are in tune with the nature. 

Ecological Restoration

To create a larger impact on the environment and build functional ecosystems, GoodEarth took to rejuvenation of lakes in the city, created an eco park and is working towards restoring a defunct mine. Thus, helping once degraded land to come to life and blossom.

Expertise & Services

Sustainable development has been the core of GoodEarth, our driving force.

While the very act of building is an act of depleting the environment and destruction of habitats of other species, the challenge is to minimize the impact and at the same time create spaces that nurture diversity.

We accomplish this through a sensitive and holistic design, hands-on execution, holistic water management, ecoscaping that’s rich and interiors that’s rooted and earthy.

Also, we heal the soil through regenerative agriculture and infuse new life into degraded ecosystems, through our restoration work that’s driven by science, design and holism.

Design-build and maintenance form the core philosophy of GoodEarth. For we ensure that we don’t exit after the completion of the project but remain throughout the life cycle of the project.