13th Jan, 2023

Malhar Mela

A power-packed start to New Year

The day-long event was marked by a love affair with an array of food, scintillating music, fascinating games… Agam’s soulful music and the numerous stalls that showcased the finesse and beauty of handcrafted things turned the football ground in Malhar into a sea of festivity.


13th Feb, 2023

GoodEarth Interiors

17th Feb, 2023

GoodEarth wins spaciux award

03rd Mar, 2023

Restoring Anchepalya lake

31st Mar, 2023

Reinvention of traditional techniques

18th Mar, 2023

“We aren’t mere consumers.”

Co-founder and Principal Architect, Jeeth Iype in a free-wheeling interview talks about the beginnings of GoodEarth in Bangalore. From building residences and smaller communities to scaling up, resulting in the creation of Malhar Eco-village, Kengeri, spread across 50 acres with 600 families living in a thriving environment.


28th Apr, 2023


Design is like problem solving; every project counts

In a freewheeling interview with Michael Little, landscape architect of Malhar Eco-village, and a long-time associate of GoodEarth, author Kavya Bhat tries to unravel his methods and philosophy.


02nd Jun, 2023


Preserving groundwater for future generation

Unregulated drilling of borewells in India has led to a critical crisis of unsustainable groundwater extraction. In this article, we explore the urgent need for scientific studies and responsible measures to address this issue.


19th May, 2023

Resident Spotlight: Neeta Kavatkar

01st Jul, 2023

A Traditional Kalari Art

07th Jul, 2023

Reviving Communal Living

27th Jul, 2023

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

20th Jul, 2023

Waldorf kindergarten

A play school at GoodEarth Malhar

Here at GoodEarth Malhar, you can gift this schooling to your children, where every kid is treated as special, at Tulasi Waldorf Kindergarten School. Divya B A, a resident at GoodEarth runs the school with penchant.


Come be a part of our vibrant community!

Experience sustainable living at GoodEarth Malhar. Malhar Octave and Malhar Motif redefine the concept of modern living by offering thoughtfully-designed homes with eco-friendly features. Nestled in a serene location, these sustainable communities in Malhar Eco-village provides easy access to essential conveniences while embracing nature’s tranquility.

Saarang is an extension of GoodEarth’s farming initiative spread over 25 acres. What was once a rubber plantation is now being transformed into a food forest and farm. Saarang is located in Kannur district, Kerala.

Contemporary town houses sculpted in nature.


Community designed to embrace life’s contours.


A farmstead in the heart of malabar.


Good Earth Motif Rera No: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/310/PR/200922/005259
Good Earth Octave Rera No: RERA: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/310/PR/060423/005851
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