Regenerative Agriculture

GoodEarth’s tryst with regenerative agriculture

Over the past thirty years, GoodEarth has built many residential communities sensitive to the environment and the people.

GoodEarth is involved in a watershed rejuvenation project near Tumkur, an arid district in Karnataka, where the water table is depleting at a rate of 25ft to 50ft every year. It is alarming. The primary reason for the groundwater depletion is evaporation loss from farm lands.

GoodEarth is growing food in several farms and is closely working with many farmers who share the concern for soil and human health.

Unscientific farming practices lead to land degradation over time resulting in desertification and consequent global climate change.

Regeneration of the land requires great effort and care. Restoring a damaged ecosystem in farmland requires careful design, planning and integration of various aspects of the fragile ecosystem. This plays a key role in either the success or the project’s failure.

From geological parameters such as soil porosity and permeability to engineering for efficient drainage, storage and recharge; from selection, preparation and care for plants to both generate the ecosystem as well as provide the economic benefits of the same; livestock to insects, all the details have to be interwoven into a complex design, which has to be then executed and maintained over the years.

Maintenance of farms is critical, as improper practices can undo all the work within months or prevent the real effort from taking off. It is similar to performing a complex surgery with due diligence.

Vagaries of nature such as unseasonal rains, drought or even strong wind will cause significant damage to any farm. Thus, it is important that one is equipped to handle such contingencies through a well-designed farm and a trained and an equipped team.

Our efforts, thus, is towards building a professional team capable of holistic design and management of farm lands, and bringing fresh and organic produce direct from the farmers to the consumers, through our store Petrichor.