Walk on the clouds

A tropical vertical highrise, which beckons the sky and takes with it the greens-GoodEarth Walk on the Clouds is located off NH-66. Duplex units, three bedroom units and two -cum study units are the typologies in this highrise. The higher floors have the duplex units , the single level units are in the levels below.

Malhar Terraces

Terraces, is built around the theme of homes with sky or terrace gardens. It is the first low-rise apartment or home blocks to come up in the Malhar community. People from different lifestyles & budgets showed a keen interest to be part of Malhar and this led to the development of a new housing typology. Terraces has low-rise blocks with homes ranging from 1 bedroom to 2 & 3 bedrooms inviting a more varied profile of residents into the Malhar fold.

Hues of Life

Good Earth “Hues of Life” is a tropical apartment building. The sky garden or terraces are staggered on alternate floors to form a checkered board like spacing, which enhances the air movement between floors. The double height spacing between the gardens, gives each one a private uninterrupted bit of sky. . The structure is built with cavity walls using terracotta blocks.


Good Earth Elements is published as a case study for Energy Efficient Multi- Storey Residential Projects by BEEP (The Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project). BEEP is a bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Power (MoP), Government of India and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) of the Swiss Confederation.The project also won NDTV Award 2015 in the Premium Project of the Year – South category.

Hymns of Life

Hymns of life was our first innovation in going vertical. In the past, most of our developments were low rise, and emphasized on the relationship to land, the importance of community spaces.At “Hymns” we have tried to recreate the same character, which has been transformed through what we call “sky gardens”, in each apartment. These are open green terraces which besides creating a bit of the outdoors even at the higher floors break the severity of the scale, making it more human.The design of the sky gardens minimize the heat and moisture on the lower floors, by virtue of protecting the walls below. The landscaped garden, acts as a buffer from the dust, heat and the lashing rain.


The search for a land that can carry our dream ended when we saw this property. We can’t figure out what stopped us- may be the waters that whispered with the banks; or the swaying palms that lined up on the shores; or the country boat that went by; or the sight of Chinese net the fishermen use; or the wooden boat jetty on the other side that wore the marks of aging…


Good Earth Melange is a tropical high rise apartment building, a green alternative which responds to and takes advantages of the climate and location. The design minimizes the common walls between apartments. The units are designed as homes that open up to the outside through verandahs and sky gardens. The cavity walls capture the hot air which is expelled using air vents on the roof keeping the indoors cool. The lobby also has been designed as an extension of the landscape with sky gardens. The design attempts to break away from the typical apartment plan to bring in elements of a home in space planning.