A Kilometre’s drive from the Bangalore – Mysore road, towards the famed 400-year old Big Banyan Tree (Dodda alamara), will bring you to a coconut and areca nut plantation—Good Earth PalmGrove. The moment you enter, you will experience the difference. Cool, fresh air and gentle sun rays filter in through the long palm leaves.


Hallmark- a community of 10 independent villas. At Eroor, Vyttila. The Two, Three and Four bedroom units has been designed to have complete privacy, apart from each space being naturally lit and well ventilated. The rooms within are spacious, with details of furniture positions having been designed. Amenities like 4.5 m wide internal road, common area, round the clock security, water supply, etc complete the picture of this development.


The site being a hillock challenges the design to minimize the disturbance and yet create with flair. The central mound has the villament and the villas placed around it. There are 6 such villas. All the dwelling units are oriented in such a way that the valley view is captured. The villas are designed as split level units and planning is open , a hide and seek in the treatment of space within the units. Villament units are single level units at the central portion of the site. A centrally located space form the common zone. Exposed brick and textured masonry forms the fabric which envelops these units. A harmonious merging of built space within the natural environment.


Aangan is our latest addition to the villa communities in Cochin. On a contoured landscape, the attempt is to create a development that minimally affects the terrain while ensuring unique identity to individual homes. Homes look in to the central courtyard (Aangan) that is inundated with a treasure trove of native flora that is home to a variety of butterflies, cuckoos, squirrels and more. Individual homes also have its own private landscaped areas that are connected to the homes with large verandahs.