Malhar Footprints

Good Earth Malhar-Footprints is the first community at Malhar. Spread over 7 acres, it has been kept free of vehicular movement, with homes arranged around a network of streets and landscaped courtyards.This offers many advantages to the residents,while ensuring that the car is within a short walk from the home. The cluster spaces and interconnecting streets are exclusively pedestrian, offering a safe place for residents to walk and children to play.

Malhar Mosaic 

Mosaic is a blend of the earlier two communities at Malhar, the idea of being car-free and a loop road which inter-connects all the clusters of the group.Two entry roads on either side of a large, open park lead in to Mosaic, and end where the clusters begin, at the common car parks. This keeps the inner, looping cluster streets free of vehicular movements. From here homes are but a few footsteps away. The natural elevation of the layout adds drama to the terrain with clusters located at varying levels.

Malhar Resonance

Cluster planning has been a characteristic feature of our developments.With Good Earth Malhar-Resonance, our emphasis has been on streets as friendly, social and interactive spaces. These streets, with chatty street corners and cluster parks, loop around the neighborhood and converge at the plaza and lead to a large playground.The open spaces are planned at different levels, in response to the natural topography of the land, and are linked to each other, though densely wooded paths, which will be pedestrianized.


Good earth orchard came into being in the soothing and shaded ambience of chikoo and coconut plantations. The land fitted the bill of designing a community that existed in harmony with nature and encouraged a green lifestyle.Absorbing from traditional concepts of planning and craftsmanship, it integrates contemporary technology and lifestyles in its design. It is designed on a 7 acre piece of land and hosts 57 homes.

Malhar Terraces

Terraces, is built around the theme of homes with sky or terrace gardens. It is the first low-rise apartment or home blocks to come up in the Malhar community. People from different lifestyles & budgets showed a keen interest to be part of Malhar and this led to the development of a new housing typology. Terraces has low-rise blocks with homes ranging from 1 bedroom to 2 & 3 bedrooms inviting a more varied profile of residents into the Malhar fold.


A Kilometre’s drive from the Bangalore – Mysore road, towards the famed 400-year old Big Banyan Tree (Dodda alamara), will bring you to a coconut and areca nut plantation—Good Earth PalmGrove. The moment you enter, you will experience the difference. Cool, fresh air and gentle sun rays filter in through the long palm leaves.

Malhar Patterns

The Malhar eco-village’s fifth community, Patterns, maintained the aesthetic traditions of the development. The streets in Patterns were friendly and wound leisurely around cluster parks, green gardens, and community areas. The homes had open spaces that seamlessly flowed into lavish courtyards, gardens, verandahs, and balconies. These open spaces blended in with the streets, parks, and opened out to the playfield and jogging trail surrounding the neighborhood. The design departures that had become characteristic of the Malhar development were once again present in Patterns.

Malhar Medley

A unique blend of four distinct types of houses – townhouses, villament, walk-up homes and apartments – offer diversity. Medley, a world within a world has diverse people and rich biodiversity adding rigour to community living. It showcases architecture that’s sustainable, informed and nuanced. All the homes in Medley are connected by the flow of light and air and a strong sense of community and belonging. Every home, depending on their type, has kitchen gardens, verandahs, balconies or terrace gardens