Hamlet, Kochi






Open Houses

Good Earth’s first venture into community housing was ‘Good Earth Hamlet‘.An attempt at community housing which bridged the existing gap between independent houses and the urban stereotype block of flats. The emphasis has been on community spaces to encourage interaction while at the same time providing for individual privacy. The half-acre plot is on the banks of the Kaniampuzha river located in Chalikkavattom, a quiet suburb of Cochin.The central courtyard creates an intimate space, free from vehicles and safe for children to play. The circular form is most economical, both in terms of space and structure. Seventeen units, using an FSI of one, and a height of ground and two upper stories are appropriate, considering structural economics, as well as the blending in with the surroundings. The setback areas serve as private backyards for the ground floor units, and the first floor duplex units have terraces at each level.

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