The Journal

Our Journal is a repertoire of stories, interviews, nuanced articles, video narratives that capture the work of GoodEarth since its inception. We bring out our exploration in sustainable development by sharing the thought process, design, craft, science, and management.

We showcase how we address pressing problems of depleting groundwater table, ever shrinking physical space to live, desertification and climate change; stories of how we carry forward sustainability in our work in building residential communities; regenerative agriculture, ecological restoration, rejuvenation of lakes; forever expanding into new areas while holding onto the centre, of caring for the people and the environment.

Every week we bring to you a blog, a photo essay that shows various aspects of our work, or a video story where residents speak of their life in our communities. You also get to hear our GoodEarth team talk about their vision, work and craft.

Our Team


Prashanth Palanisamy


R S Ranjeetha Urs


Kavya Bhat

Stanley George

Jeeth Iype

H Manjunath


Manju M J

Nataraj P

Manoja Shastri

Mahesh GD


Sreekant Easwar


Team GoodEarth