A GoodEarth initiative; traditional martial art Kalari comes alive

Overlooking River Baveli and the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is the Pazhassiraja Kalari Academy in Peravoor, Kannur district, north Kerala.

The Kalari academy initiated by GoodEarth and Gurukkal Sreejayan, the Kalari master, has matured into one of the best in the country over a decade.

Eco-friendly creative expression of waste

A sustainable building is characterized by responsible waste management. A waste management strategy would include minimizing waste where possible, eliminating waste when possible, and reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded. Thus, in this blog, let us explore the use of stacked stones for the pillars as a case study of upcycling discarded stone pieces on-site and effectively repurposing them to create a unique expression.

Preserving groundwater for future generations

In India, the uncontrolled digging of borewells is a prevalent practice, driven by the urgent need for water. However, the absence of scientific studies and guidelines during this process often leads to deep drilling or overextraction, causing the rapid depletion of groundwater. Worse yet, defunct borewells are left improperly closed, exacerbating contamination risks and further contributing to the water scarcity problem. To combat this crisis, it is crucial that we shift our perspective on groundwater, recognising it as a repository rather than an inexhaustible source, and adopt responsible practices to ensure its long-term availability.

“Quiet around unleashes my creativity”

From being a thorough city-bred person hailing from Pune, Neeta Kavatkar narrates her transformation into a person growing at ease with the quietude that surrounds her every day. Her decision to be a part of GoodEarth Malhar together with her family, is something she cherishes daily.

‘Design is like problem solving; every project counts’

As I toured Malhar for the first time in April 2018, the parks, gardens, and open spaces seamlessly integrated with the built environment captivated me. I was enamoured as I walked up and down along a brick pathway which in turn bifurcated into square chappadi stones that led me to a pond housing plants and fish in front of a home; an arbour that had an angular ‘C’ shaped seating with art ingrained.

From Wasteland to Oasis: Eco-restoration of Anchepalya lake

As I gazed across the street and entered Anchepalya lake, I was greeted by vibrant greens, speckled with colours from flowers, butterflies, and birds. Tall trees and shrubs flanked the mud walkway, offering a respite from the scorching heat. My excitement rose when I spotted a bright blue kingfisher perched on the natural shoreline, prompting me to take pictures. As I zoomed in on the kingfisher, I noticed a quiet Indian pond heron camouflaged among the bushes and a waterhen paddling away in the waters. Myriad varieties of dragonflies and butterflies zoomed in and out around me, and I was transfixed in spotting and reading about them.

GoodEarth Wins Platinum Award at Spaciux Design Awards 2022

We are thrilled to announce that GoodEarth has been named the Platinum Award winner in the real estate category at the Spaciux Design Awards 2022 [SDA] on January 24, Mumbai. The SDA is an annual event that recognizes the best and most innovative architectural and interior design projects in India, and we are honoured to have our project, “Malhar Patterns” chosen as the winner for its fine execution in design.

“We create homes for you to build lasting memories”

Subtlety of great interiors lies in the harmonious balance with which all its elements are bound aesthetically to serve a purpose. A good design integrates seemingly simple choices such as wall colours, furnishings and decor items seamlessly into a cohesive space that reflects the homeowner’s personality, and is efficient. Thus, the goal of working with an interior designer is to elevate the space with a custom-designed layout that resonates with your lifestyle and space.

Malhar Mela – 2023 | A power-packed start to New Year

GoodEarth Malhar, spread across 50 acres with seven vibrant communities, comes alive with a profusion of food, handicrafts, textiles that would titillate one’s desire for India’s rich heritage in fabric, a plethora of home-made products, games, dance performances, and music, with the arch covering hobby singers and the much-sought-after progressive Carnatic rock band Agam, at the Malhar mela 2023.