“Quiet around unleashes my creativity”

From being a thorough city-bred person hailing from Pune, Neeta Kavatkar narrates her transformation into a person growing at ease with the quietude that surrounds her every day. Her decision to be a part of GoodEarth Malhar together with her family, is something she cherishes daily.

The “Tastes of Malhar” group

It began as a WhatsApp group within a suburban residential community, just before the pandemic struck our lives in early 2020. It was formed by an enterprising young resident, a fine cook herself, with the objective of bringing GoodEarth Malhar foodies and professional and aspirant cooks on a common platform, laying out a buffet of manifold cuisine types. It soon became a culinary lifeline with our outdoor activities practically coming to a standstill, amidst fear and social distancing.

Athreya’s Musings

It was on 10th May 2019, that it has been almost 3 years since we moved to GoodEarth.

We are happy to be away from the bustling traffic and noise. It is really refreshing to wake up to the chirping of birds and views of surrounding greenery. I thank my stars and my parents for deciding to move away from the maddening city to this beautiful serene place.

Discover how young Adhwaya Padaki got passionate about Bird watching

I have always had interest in birds. Big or small, they always tend to amaze me. I used to attend quite a few of the bird walks here previously. However, I never had the intention to learn about birds. One summer morning, I went to my neighbour Anupama Aunty’s house to have breakfast.

Terrace Gardening

A garden is a garden. They can be small or big, filled to the brim or just with a flower or two. But whatever their size and stature, there is no doubt that they usher in a sense of calm and wellbeing to those who nurture and grow them. The main issue with gardens is that they can stretch to the breath of your imagination or stay just as small as the reality of our home-spaces allow.