Sunshine in the Garden of Green in an Urban Jungle



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garden is a garden. They can be small or big, filled to the brim or just with a flower or two. But whatever their size and stature, there is no doubt that they usher in a sense of calm and wellbeing to those who nurture and grow them.
The main issue with gardens is that they can stretch to the breath of your imagination or stay just as small as the reality of our home-spaces allow. The fact is that you do need quite a bit of space for a good one and in places like an apartment, well you are left with just a little space or a balcony.

Smart green spaces

But do not lose hope, with even a small 6 by 4 feet space one can actually achieve quite a bit using imagination and ingenuity. Most urban spaces who have faced this problem came up with the idea of what we now know as the “terrace garden”. These gardens allow for a home even 18 floors high to possess its very own green patch. And in today’s highly urbanized world, who would not want to feel the therapeutic benefits of interacting with a little green patch.

And benefits they do indeed bring. A little space can supply all the fresh herb condiments like mint, coriander and curry leaves that a kitchen would need. During COVID times many people who were forced to stay at home and found time of their hands took to terrace gardening. From little herb patches to full blown pygmy fruit plantations, many a green thumb flowered.

Eat homely and healthy

In fact in a city like Bangalore this is now driving an “Oota from your Thota” (food from your garden) movement which can be rather encouraging.

Not only does this promote health as sometimes one cannot be too sure about the type of pesticides and chemicals used on certain vegetables from the market. When it’s your home produce you can be well assured of the source being pristine.

Many who have started terrace gardening have discovered that they can do a wonderful mix and match of items. They intersperse a combination of flowers, vegetables and fruits. So a garden just does not get relegated to the table, but also to one’s mental and physical wellbeing too. The flowers that one grows can be used for decorative purposes, poojas or to just give a home a wonderful effervescence of freshness. Imagine the distinctive perfume of an aromatic flower filling the home in the morning – even better than a cup of coffee or tea.

Interview with Vinay, resident Malhar Terraces

Vinay a resident of Malhar Terraces thought that being in Bangalore they could never get to have a garden in their apartment. Most of the time gardens are a luxury relegated to villas, but GoodEarth has ushered this feature into apartments which Vinay feels is a breaking of the boundaries. He loves the natural materials and environment friendly designs which help keep the homes cool even in warmer climes. He delights in the GoodEarth Malhar community which contributes to the well being and nurturing of his children and family.
What’s really amazing about this activity is that the actual act of gardening can be calming, soothing and therapeutic. Just spending time with watering, pruning, cleaning and sprucing up your plants actually calms and soothes one down. At the end of the day it’s not just about putting something on the table, it’s the fact that you know whatever produce you see is from a place (and hand) of your making. And what could be better than (your own) plant to plate.

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