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Everything is just a hop, skip and jump away


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While Malhar offers many a life of serenity and grace – one where you are away from shrill horns and the daily bustle, it does not achieve this by heading for the hills.
Surprisingly, it is located just a kilometre or two from the main road, and features a host of facilities that ensure that residents have everything they need on hand. From sporting facilities, shopping, a restaurant, coffee shop and a host of other facilities, Malhar has them all.

Confluence Club

Confluence Sports Club presents a world class sporting environment which is on par with professional training centres. It offers a range of activities that can be played in top-notch courts and spaces. A world class Indoor badminton court, a full length swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, a cards room, chess room and a fully equipped gym are enjoyed by members consistently. Confluence also boasts a football ground where you can see kids and adults alike having a (literal) ball. Having a good time with friends and staying fit was never this easy. What a completely equipped fitness centre does is to up the ante of one’s health by removing friction points of accessing different routines and sports types. Staying healthy at Malhar is a way of life.

Confluence Club also features an easy dining restaurant – The Bayleaf Café. It offers up scrumptious Indian cuisine across lunch and dinner. Perfect for those days when cooking is a chore.

The Amphitheatre is a major attraction and is used to host music performances, get-togethers, functions and a host of outdoor related activities. At Malhar one is never constrained by space – most of the facilities and amenities are created at full size and well maintained.

Make friends with time

Shopping is just a hop, skip and jump around the corner with our very own Super market helping cater to the resident’s daily needs. While ordering online is fine, sometimes one just has to take a look around the aisles to figure out what you’ve forgotten, rather than need. Malhar also ensures that you don’t need to step out if you some cash in hand – we have an ATM on premises – which many communities actually lack.

With “kaapi” being a favourite past time in Bangalore, how can there not be a coffee shop close-by? At Malhar we have our very own Coffee, Tea and Snacks spot called “Adda” where one can enjoy a relaxing beverage while the world rushes past. Whether you want some private “me” space or just want to chill with friends, Adda’s got your back, and especially with a delicious breakfast that sets the tone for a wonderful day. Located in GoodEarth Malhar, Adda is all about: ‘your time & your space’. Adda also offers the residents organic vegetables and fresh produce from local sources. Living well is also about eating well. A weekly “Santhe” is also held where residents comes and put forth the produce they have grown for other residents to purchase. It also makes for an engaging “confluence point” where people get to socialize and have impromptu get togethers.

Immerse yourself in art, culture and performances

The performing arts offer insight, education, entertainment while showcasing talent and inspiring others to action. However accessing such places like a Ranga Shankara or Chowdaiah Hall can be time consuming, especially in a city like Bangalore. But, fret not, Malhar has its very own performing arts centre – Courtyard Koota. In fact it is much more than that. It is a place where people, create, connect and collaborate. Courtyard Koota is the coming together of families, individuals, and communities to share and exchange ideas. Created as a safe, welcoming, and nurturing space, where people from different walks of life find a platform to voice their thoughts. Courtyard Koota curates its experiences through four major leitmotifs – Makkala Masti, Library@Koota, Themes@Koota and the Learning Space. It also features musical performances, theatrical performances and workshops, curated events and a host of others. It is a warm, wonderful cultural hub at Malhar.

High performance sports facilities

Malhar is also fortunate to be graced with the “Anju Bobby George Sports Foundation” (ABSF) which is located just adjacent to Malhar Patterns. It is run by the World record holder and her husband who coach young and upcoming sportspersons in various track and field disciplines. It is a high performance and elite athlete centre where some of the best young talents are honed for an international future. And who knows, your young one could be amongst them too.

High street shopping and food galore

Malhar also has a little high-street shopping located just about a kilometre and a half away – the St. Benedict’s Street. You can get anything from a piping hot plate of Idly-vada, a spicy chaat or a succulent Shawarma roll – there’s a wide ranging menu for everyone here. Need a prim and trim and you can hop into the barbers, while your better half finishes shopping at the hyper market. Shops, medical stores, stationary to salons – you’ll find them all here.
So at GoodEarth Malhar everything is just a little hop, skip and jump away. From entertainment to shopping to sports and even the performing arts, all that a family needs is at close hand. So drop by for a cup of coffee and more…

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