GoodEarth bags ‘Responsible Business of the Year Award-2022’



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We are pleased to announce that GoodEarth has been awarded the prestigious ‘Responsible Business of the Year Award,’ by Sabera on December 7, 2022, New Delhi.

The ‘Responsible Business of the Year,’ award is given to companies displaying exceptional commitment to ESG, being purpose-driven, creating benefit for all stakeholders,

not just shareholders including employees, vendors and suppliers, effectively reducing and managing waste amidst other attributes. It also comprises being an inclusive, ethical and transparent enterprise and one that sets a benchmark through its policies.

SABERA is a one-of-its-kind annual social impact award, and summit that highlights ESG best practices and sustainable development initiatives by corporates, non-profits, and individuals. Founded in 2018 by the Simply Suparnaa Media Network, a UN WOMEN WEP awardee, with the larger objective to amplify good in society.

We are awarded, for our pledge towards sustainability is infused deeply into all that we do, and not just a set of parameters that is evaluated for an award. We are consistent and always looking to break the mould. Our efforts in the last few years have gone beyond and extended well into other areas of sustainability, green living and regenerative paths.
Through our several decades of work in building communities our understanding of both the soil and the environment and its symbiotic relationship has grown deep. And this led us towards tending the soil through regenerative agriculture and also creating a space to connect the consumers directly with the fresh-grown produce through Petrichor.

Our scope of work and expertise encompasses holistic water management and sustainable design that blends with ecoscaping and master-planning of buildings and communities which then segues into conservation and reversing global climate change initiatives. And this in turn branches out to sustainable developments spanning residential, educational institutions, corporate, hospitals, arts and cultural spaces, and commercial buildings.

Another important initiative of ours is ‘Farm Tourism’ where we create the crucible for learning in an immersive environment. Here people, especially children learn about nature, its bounty, growing food and living close to nature. Children and adults alike have had wonderful visits where they soaked in the fragrance of the earth, witnessed life below the soil, and how our food is grown… Kids learnt about biomass plants, the farm-to-home chain combined with an insight into agriculture, livestock, poultry and fish.

All our efforts are towards bringing about a positive change in the way we engage with the environment and towards ushering in a better future for the planet, and the world at large. We continue to believe that change has to start at the smallest level which will then surge as people come aboard.

We are delighted that Sabera recognised our efforts. We are keen on strengthening our action towards creating a holistic and a sustainable environment.

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