GoodEarth Medley – Planting program

An amazing day of planting at Malhar Medley.



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The residents and their families made the day a wonderful success with their exuberant participation. However, most importantly they have laid the roots for a future filled with green and nurtured with their own hands.
Everyone had a great time, especially the kids who got their hands dirty, dug pits, and planted saplings that they will one day call family – much like their own. In time to come they will nurture it, groom it, and will play around them as they grow – probably even climbing on the trees when their branches reach out to the sky.
It was actually more than just a planting session, it was adding new members to the community – those that will add their vibrancy and zest to Medley. Imagine every day walking past the greenery and foliage with the thought and pride that some part of the community was crafted by one’s own hands.
So one day in the future when they see butterflies fluttering by, bees going about their business and the breeze swaying gently amongst the leaves, they can proudly say that they played a significant role in making this lushness happen.

Planting Photos

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