Good thermal insulator

Hourdi bricks keep your home cool in summer, warm in winter



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Hollow clay bricks or Hourdi bricks are lightweight, absorb less water, and provide good thermal insulation. They are safe and fire-resistant.

At GoodEarth, we use Hourdi blocks for cladding walls as they offer better aesthetics compared to the bricks. The blocks are made of clay, fly ash, coal ash, sawdust, and rice husk ash

They are manufactured by using recycled/waste material and natural substitutes which makes it very eco-friendly.

Owing to their relatively larger sizes, Hourdi bricks reduce the quantity of mortar needed and also the number of joints that need to be filled during construction.

These bricks are approximately 60% lighter than traditional clay bricks.

Air present in the hollow area of the bricks makes them excellent thermal insulators while reducing the use of temperature control devices like air conditioners. They keep the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. Thus, you can save energy and minimize expenditure.

The bricks also provide better sound insulation compared to solid bricks. This dampens external sound from drifting inwards thus contributing to an overall better home environment. As they are light compared to solid bricks, the ease of working with them promotes faster construction and early completion of a given project.

It offers significant advantages that are steeped in the ethos of using natural resources. We, thus, use them both for its aesthetics and functional benefits.

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