How open spaces and nature are good for your inner wellness



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If you’re feeling a little stressed out or anxious, it might be time for a quick walk in the park. Research shows that being in nature reduces your heart rate, lowers blood pressure and even slows down your breathing. It’s also been shown to boost creativity and help with problem-solving — though you don’t have to be Einstein to benefit from this kind of “thinking outside the box.”
In fact, simply looking at photos of trees can have a calming effect on our minds. Research shows that people who live near parks and green spaces have lower rates of depression and anxiety than those who don’t. It’s also been shown that spending time in natural settings can improve your mood and even boost your productivity at work.

There are plenty of ways to get more nature in your life

Go for a walk outside—even if it’s just around the block or through your neighborhood. Don’t feel like leaving home? You can always download some guided meditations online and listen while walking around inside (or if you’re stuck sitting down at work). The key is simply getting outside for a few minutes every day—it doesn’t have to be an hour hike! And remember: try not to spend too much time staring at screens before or after enjoying the great outdoors; they emit blue light that suppresses melatonin production, which keeps us awake at night (and we all know what comes next).

The natural world slows down our hearts and minds

Nature can help you to relax, sleep better and feel more connected with the world. Studies have shown that being in nature has a calming effect on our minds, which means we need less sleep when we are surrounded by it. A study conducted at Stanford University showed that 10-minute breaks spent in nature improved concentration and performance on cognitive tasks by 15 percent compared to those who took a break indoors.

Time outside can boost creativity

Creativity allows us to express ourselves and our inner thoughts. It is a way for us to solve problems, see things in new ways, and come up with unique solutions. When we are creative, we tap into our inner self and express it outwardly. Getting out into the open and going for a walk in the park can help us center ourselves and find peace of mind. Studies have shown that being outside is good for your mental health, especially if you’re spending time near nature. In fact, there’s even scientific evidence that spending time in natural environments can be beneficial to your physical health as well!

Nature makes us kinder, happier people

When you’re in nature, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that make you feel happy. It also decreases stress hormones and increases serotonin, which is the chemical that helps to regulate your moods and sleep patterns. You’re more likely to feel relaxed while in an open space than when surrounded by tall buildings or other structures that can make you feel like you might be trapped or closed in. There are many reasons why getting outside and enjoying nature is good for you. Not only does it help us slow down and relax, but it also gives us an opportunity to connect with our surroundings in a way that can benefit our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you have been feeling stressed or anxious lately, try taking some time out in order to restore yourself by taking a walk in your local park or going on holiday somewhere near the sea!

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