Malhar Winter Run

Some runs need no reason, just an event to celebrate the season



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The Malhar Winter Run on December 4, 2022, organised by GoodEarth together with Anju Bobby Sports Foundation (ABSF) was one that brought together the residents of Malhar on a cold winter morning.

Everyone gathered at the ABSF and after a brisk warm-up session that got everyone on toes, the runners were primed and ready to go.

And off they went.

While some sprinted, others trotted, some walked and others just jogged along. The commotion would have made the fauna at Malhar safely nestled in their habitat wonder.

For those who had probably not done much running, it was a gentle ice-breaker into the world of sports and the health benefits that it can bring. And the misty morning was no match for the enthusiasm of the runners who came in droves. Young, old, professional, amateurs and just people who wanted to put on their running shoes and hit the road.

Running is best experienced with a clutch of other runners and the Winter Run did not disappoint. All the runners were enthusiastic, excited and geared up to take on the road. Bangalore winters can be chilly, but when you run with a bunch of people who share your enthusiasm, it warms the cockles of the heart, mind and body. And after all the wending across the roads and lanes of Kambipura, the finish line saw many happy, sweaty and content faces.

At the Malhar Winter Run there were no winners or losers but the camaraderie of just participating and reaching the end. We look forward to hosting many more such runs in the months to come.

Malhar Winter Run, a glimpse

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