Nature, the best teacher

Let children step out, explore…



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We are at a juncture when it has never been more important to educate our children about the environment and its role in our life. The planet we live on is constantly evolving and so are we. Nature can teach us about ourselves, other people and our surroundings.

It can be the best teacher.

The more time we spend outdoors exploring the vast world around us, within our own backyards, it will lead us down paths that we wouldn’t have otherwise tread upon. We would have instead sat indoors staring at screens all day long.

Nature teaches children about little things that make them warm, happy and at peace with the world.

As children grow, curiosity about the world around them leads them on a journey of discovery. The desire to explore their surroundings accelerates their development – both motor skills and cognitive capabilities.

They learn to care for all that surrounds them. From watering and applying manure to plants, feeding the animals, harvesting fruits to smelling the blossoms. Children begin to appreciate life. The importance of each organism and its symbiotic relationship with nature comes alive.

A child who feeds the chickens is less likely to be disgusted at the sight of a maggot. Rather she or he would look at it as hen’s favourite food. They not only learn but also grow sensitive towards the interconnectedness in nature. How everything in nature feeds the other; egg shells that are crushed and mixed with coffee grounds can be fed to the rose bush, bones to the dogs, and also appreciate the wagging tails, the playful jumps and happy barks as welcoming rather than intimidating.

Climbing trees, digging the earth and playing in the puddles, feeding animals are the childhood memories that each one of us recollect and wish to replicate for the next generation.

However, rapid and mindless urbanisation makes us wonder about the future.

How do we return to the basics and reconnect with nature?

This fear further alienates us and causes us to withdraw into our own little worlds instead of facing reality. It is within us to alter and recreate a better tomorrow.

Thus, it is paramount that we educate our children about the environment, for they are the change drivers of tomorrow. And the future belongs to them.

We live in a world that’s changing faster than ever before. And it’s up to us to teach children to navigate the ecosystem that’s dynamic and create a change for the better.

The best way to learn is to embrace the real world and explore it in all its shades.

Step out!

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