The Malhar Library @ Koota



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A vibrant space that brings the community together in an enriching way.

The Malhar Library @ Koota is a volunteer-led effort. A community space that goes beyond books and information, it encourages creation of multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary experiences that inspire learning.We have a fledgling collection of titles across genres, for all age groups. The Library functions on an annual subscription model and the resources are used to purchase new books.

We also receive books from members that add to our burgeoning collection. We have a cosy reading room where members are welcome to spend time reading and discussing. The children’s corner with bean bags and cushions is a popular hangout. Apart from a good range of picture books, the toddler section has a selection of games, puzzles and art/craft material to keep the little ones engaged.
Apart from being home to a carefully curated selection of books, the library is a platform for sharing skills and knowledge from within the neighborhood. The library has grown into a space for professionals as well as amateurs to share their passion and expertise. Working in tandem with the prevalent theme at Koota, we have seen science fiction complement the theme of astronomy and a session on Kenneth Anderson during wildlife month. Picking a ‘theme of the month’ to create a small ecosystem of knowledge and sharing, we hold events to inspire and spark the imagination.
An idea which germinated in Malhar and grew organically through interested residents is slowly expanding to the wider community around. The reading room is free to the children who are a part of Makkala Masti, a theater program for children from neighbouring villages. The library resources also support a reading program for young children at the nearby government schools. Under the ‘Namma Oora Kathe’ initiative (a project by the library under IFA’s Project 560), the children of Malhar worked alongside their counterparts from nearby schools to gather stories from the region and create a map of the area. The library is located inside Courtyard Koota, on the ground floor of Tarana, and is open six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday) from 11am to 6pm.

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