It’s all about SOIL – A GoodEarth story…

It’s all about SOIL – A GoodEarth story…

By Published On: May 17, 2024

GoodEarth, a pioneer in alternative architecture, has built many residential communities for more than 35 years.

At GoodEarth now, we are trying to address larger issues of climate change and desertification through regenerative agriculture, sustainable water management and ecoscaping.

Global climate change is the reality. We chose to act and took to regenerative agriculture to reverse global climate change. And today, we grow food the natural way in six farms, in more than 60 acres, in the states of Karnataka and Kerala. We also collaborate with farmers who share the same concern for the soil.

Through our organic store Petrichor, we sell our produce and also those of other regenerative farmers .

Our aim is to bring large tracts of land under the ambit of regenerative agriculture and heal the soil. Thus, our efforts are directed towards holistic design and management of farm lands.