Malhar Mela – 2023 | A power-packed start to New Year

GoodEarth Malhar, spread across 50 acres with seven vibrant communities, comes alive with a profusion of food, handicrafts, textiles that would titillate one’s desire for India’s rich heritage in fabric, a plethora of home-made products, games, dance performances, and music, with the arch covering hobby singers and the much-sought-after progressive Carnatic rock band Agam, at the Malhar mela 2023.

The day when the MESSIah fulfilled the prophecy

The 18th of December 2022 was the day the world looked forward to. From the day the finalists were confirmed, there was a steady build up of excitement among billions around the world, regardless of their nationality and loyalty to clubs, eager to witness the Lionel Messi’s swansong, hoping, praying that this will be his last hoorah, his ascension to the throne of the great Diego Maradona.

Malhar Winter Run

The Malhar Winter Run on December 4, 2022, organised by GoodEarth together with Anju Bobby Sports Foundation (ABSF) was one that brought together the residents of Malhar on a cold winter morning. Everyone gathered at the ABSF and after a brisk warm-up session that got everyone on toes, the runners were primed and ready to go.

GoodEarth Farms – planting a seed of interest in children

At our Doddabele farm, we conducted a nature workshop for children, one that gave them insight into how we grow our food. No YouTube, apps or TV or Insta filters. This was nature in the raw, with all its edges, bumps and rough-hewn beauty.

Nature, the best teacher

We are at a juncture when it has never been more important to educate our children about the environment and its role in our life. The planet we live on is constantly evolving and so are we. Nature can teach us about ourselves, other people and our surroundings.

The “Tastes of Malhar” group

It began as a WhatsApp group within a suburban residential community, just before the pandemic struck our lives in early 2020. It was formed by an enterprising young resident, a fine cook herself, with the objective of bringing GoodEarth Malhar foodies and professional and aspirant cooks on a common platform, laying out a buffet of manifold cuisine types. It soon became a culinary lifeline with our outdoor activities practically coming to a standstill, amidst fear and social distancing.

The Malhar Library @ Koota

The Malhar Library @ Koota is a volunteer-led effort. A community space that goes beyond books and information, it encourages creation of multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary experiences that inspire learning.

Kids at Malhar

At GoodEarth we incorporate planning for spaces that welcome children right at the design stage. We try to understand how these spaces will engage with them. It is not just about providing a child with a play area, it’s about understanding how the spaces will get the kids to appreciate and interact with nature and the environment. It’s sometimes the small things that make a difference.

Flora and Fauna at GoodEarth Malhar

Written more than a hundred years ago these words resonate in tune with our Malhar community. They ring true with the spine of its creation. The Flora and Fauna at GoodEarth Malhar are our portal to living in cadence with nature and the planet. They are the birds, bees, squirrels, snakes, beetles, flowers, plants and all the living things that unify us with the environment. Without them, these spaces would be empty.