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By Published On: November 24, 2023
By Published On: November 24, 2023

GoodEarth Malhar gently unfolds over an expansive 50+ acres of real estate on Mysore Road, in a locality known for its extensive green footprint. Experience a lifestyle where convenience meets connectivity seamlessly. From top-notch schools and healthcare to shopping malls and entertainment, our prime location ensures a dynamic and accessible living.


Top-notch schools surround GoodEarth Malhar, ensuring quality education for your loved ones, just a short distance from your doorstep.

> The Valley School
Valley School, a beacon of holistic education, offers a transformative learning experience. Going beyond conventional academics, it champions self-discovery and freedom from conditioning. With a focus on profound understanding, the school nurtures an exploration of life’s interconnected dimensions. In the embrace of Valley School, students embark on a journey of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth.

> Valiants Academy School
Valiants Academy stands as an educational beacon committed to shaping well-rounded individuals. With a vision centered on holistic learning, the academy strives to nurture each child’s unique potential, fostering self-image, self-respect, and self-confidence. As a dedicated institution, Valiants Academy emerges as a key player in providing a purposeful and enriching educational experience.

> CFL School
The Center for Learning (CFL) emerges as an educational sanctuary founded in 1990. Renowned for its holistic approach to learning, CFL prioritizes creativity, critical inquiry, and environmental consciousness. Set against the backdrop of a tranquil 23-acre campus, CFL stands independently, fostering a cooperative and non-hierarchical learning environment. This unique institution, not far from Malhar, exemplifies a commitment to innovative and community-driven education.

>Shibumi School
Shibumi offers a space where, through dialogue, one understands oneself and relationships in the light of J.Krishnamurti’s teachings. Only for the children of such interested adults, Shibumi offers a learning environment where they can grow and flower in goodness.

> Marigold International School
Marigold International School is set in serene surroundings and offers an attractive and ideal learning environment. The students are encouraged to do what they are best-suited for according to their preferences and inherent talents.

> Tattva Pearson School
Tattva school is committed to nurturing the global citizens by delivering quality education and developing in them, the right knowledge, attitude, skills, social and moral values. The school has classes from Montessori to Grade X.

> National  Public School
National Public School is synonymous with academic excellence and the development of personality. The school has responded readily to the standards adopted to facilitate modern and technology based teaching and learning , whilst retaining the culture, tradition and values embedded in the education system.

> BGS International School
The school is dedicated to nurture students to become conscientious and responsible citizens. These integral qualities are imbibed in our students with a spirit of adventure, exploration, research, and creativity.

> Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School
With the vision to provide modern education using Edtech, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul International School is proud to be placed as one of the best schools in Bangalore. The Gurukul being located on Mysore-Bangalore Highway is full of lush green environment that improves the efficiency, health, mind and soul of the students.

> Tulasi Waldorf Kindergarten
Tulasi Waldorf Kindergarten is located in GoodEarth Malhar, Kengeri. This preschool is set up in a peaceful community surrounded by trees, flowers, bees, chirping birds & many species of butterflies. It is a cozy place to begin schooling for little toddlers & kindergarteners. Here, we follow Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf philosophy of education.

> The Pearls & Petals Montessori House of Children
Pearls & Petals is a renowned Montessori House of Children, providing a nurturing haven for children aged 18 months to 6 years. With certified educators trained by the Indian Montessori Centre, the school emphasizes a 1:12 adult-to-child ratio, ensuring personalized care. Children are guided through their formative years with scientifically designed tools, fostering holistic development. At Pearls & Petals, every child is cherished as a precious pearl, experiencing a loving environment that encourages joy, respect, and cooperation, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of growth.

> Candor International School
Candor International School, established in August 2011 in Bangalore, India, stands as a beacon of global education and environmental stewardship. Nestled on 25 acres, it offers a unique blend of International Baccalaureate and Cambridge curricula, emphasizing holistic development, sustainability, and a multicultural ethos. Founded by Dr. Suresh Reddy, the school’s visionary Chairperson, Candor is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, ethical values, and creating responsible global citizens.


GoodEarth Malhar created in an expansive land wherein both the architecture and landscaping allows for ample light and abundant air coupled with rich biodiversity which keeps growing encourages healthy living.

Yet, several hospitals nearby are easily accessible.

> Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital – 1.5 kms from GoodEarth
Rajarajeshwari Medical Hospital is dedicated to advancing healthcare through learner-centered education, patient-centric services, and community-oriented research. With a commitment to total quality management and continuous excellence, the institution serves as a hub for comprehensive medical education, compassionate services, and impactful research. Rajarajeshwari Medical Hospital strives to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the community, ensuring accessibility and quality healthcare for all.

> Rajarajeshwari Dental College and Hospital – 3 kms from GoodEarth
Rajarajeswari Dental College & Hospital, established in 1992, has evolved into a premier institution offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral dental education. Located on a lush 5-acre campus in Bangalore, it is accredited by DCI, the Government of Karnataka, and the Government of India. With a commitment to excellence, the college aims to provide innovative educational programs, foster groundbreaking research, and deliver superior oral health services to diverse communities.

> BGS Global Hospital – 7.6 kms from GoodEarth
BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Kengeri, Bengaluru, stands as a leading super-specialty healthcare institution in Bangalore, offering state-of-the-art medical services with a focus on Gastroenterology, Cancer Care, Neurosciences, Renal Sciences, and Cardiac Sciences. With 15 years of clinical excellence, the NABH and NABL accredited hospital, part of IHH Healthcare, operates 450 beds, providing cutting-edge emergency care and critical services. Trusted by major corporates, it is renowned for its commitment to quality and safety.


Embraced by convenience, GoodEarth Malhar’s prime location encompasses all essentials – from shopping malls and restaurants to entertainment and supermarkets – promising a dynamic and easily accessible lifestyle.

  • Bayleaf Café – Located within GoodEarth
  • Ambari Gardenia – 4.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • Udupi Gardenia – veg – 4.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • KFC – 5.2 kms from GoodEarth
  • Kadamba Veg – 4.3 kms from GoodEarth
  • Sarasa Japanese Restaurant – 6 kms from GoodEarth
  • Dominos – 5.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • Subway – 9.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • Burger king – 9.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • Taco Bell – 9.5 kms from GoodEarth
  • Gopalan Arcade Mall – 7.9 kms from GoodEarth
  • Global Mall – 8.8 kms from GoodEarth
  • Forum Mall Falcon City – 17 kms from GoodEarth
  • Petrichor Organic Store – Located within Goodearth Malhar
  • Shopper’s Choice – 2.8 kms from GoodEarth
  • Vishal Mart – 14 kms from GoodEarth
  • Hilanes Super Market – 1.3 kms from GoodEarth
  • Star Bazaar – 10.2 kms from GoodEarth
  • Reliance Supermart – 6.5 kms GoodEarth
  • Gopalan Cinemas at Gopalan Arcade Mall – 7.9 kms from GoodEarth
  • PVR Cinemas at Global Mall – 8.8 kms from GoodEarth
  • PVR Cinemas at Forum Mall Falcon City – 17 kms from GoodEarth


Seamless connectivity defines life at GoodEarth Malhar, with the metro station in close proximity and the convenient Nice Road Junction nearby. Enjoy swift access to major transit hubs, enhancing your connectivity for effortless travel and exploration.

  • Challaghatta – 5 mins
  • Kengeri – 10 mins
  • Kengeri Bus Terminal – 14 mins
  • Majestic – 35 mins
  • M.G Road – 45 mins
  • Indiranagar – 50 mins
  • Kengeri Railway Station
  • KSR Railway Station/Bangalore Central
  • Yashwanthpur Railway Station
  • K R Puram Railway Station
  • Kengeri Bus Terminal
  • Mysore Road Bus Terminal
  • Majestic Bus stand
  • Nice Road

Connects to Electronic city, Hosur, etc.

  • Mysore Express Highway

Connects to Mysore.

  • Bangalore Intrenational Airport

Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from GoodEarth Malhar.

Join us at GoodEarth Malhar and embrace a vibrant, well-connected community like no other.

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