FRIDAY, 03 JUNE 2022


At GoodEarth, homes with “thoughtfully planned open spaces” has been a motif running all through our projects. From the community layout to the home design, the intertwining of spaces into lifestyle informs all that we do. Space in fact is a very valuable entity and how one uses it can make a stark difference the living quotient of the residents.

@Arpika Bhosale for Bangalore Mirror:

“Thus, the city is witnessing a rise in demand and parallel development of villas, independent homes in gated communities, which offer more liberty of open and flexi spaces, a predominant choice of homebuyers.”

Quite often space design in community planning is made with an oversimplified approach, one that seeks to shove in the usual basic set of amenities with a tick-the-box approach. At GoodEarth, when we talk about space, we plan it around nature, sustainability and community engagement. It starts from the landscape planning which incorporates mostly local species so that they last long, use less water and can thrive even in harsh climes. The open spaces feature lots of greenery and surfaces that are mostly graced with natural materials or inspired by them. Walkways are dotted with benches and amenities are thoughtfully placed for easy access. Our approach has always been holistic and integrated at the same time – all focussed towards a better quality of living for our residents and communities.