Green construction encompasses technology to reduce a building’s carbon footprint and the use of smart resources and building models to reduce the use of unneeded resources. With the increase in growth and advancement of technology, most of us want to live in an eco-friendly environment to live a healthy lifestyle. However, it is no secret that eco-friendly options seem to be out of our budget. But, this year construction industry is coming up with ways to provide Green Construction as an affordable option to its clients. Green construction is becoming a standard expectation of homebuyers, renters and commercial tenants.

The above-discussed trends are expected to take to the construction industry by storm. The importance and need for these advancements will ensure their place in the construction industry for a long time to come.

Green construction does not have to be expensive as most people think. One has to break-up the entire development cycle into elements that can be discretely addressed in terms of how one can deliver lesser impact to the environment. At the construction stage, can there be a lesser dependence on input items that are harsh on the environment? At the shell stage can one use paints that contain lesser harmful pigmentation? And at later stages can one incorporate energy saving techniques and devices such as solar and wind? Deliberations in design and material can help make any development sustainable both during the construction and occupation stage.

These are perhaps just a few of the crucial points that need to be addressed by the real estate and construction sector which would perhaps throw open the floor to wider debates on how we can give our planet a better chance.