What lies in store for Indian real estate in 2022?

Quite interesting that there is a shift towards sustainable lifestyle options driven by consumer demand. We resonate with the opinion in this article that “The focus will be more on sustainable community-driven lifestyle”. At GoodEarth these have been part of our ethos and value set for decades.


The focus will be more on sustainable community-driven lifestyle

The recent crisis has taught us the importance of two contrasting ideas. Maintaining hygiene and safety yet living a fulfilling community-driven lifestyle. People are now realizing how important, and enriching is to live a socially fulfilling, community-driven living in India. The feeling of being part of a community, based on meaningful social interaction can give a sense of commitment and belongingness. It also gives a sense of tranquillity and safety.

Traditionally human beings are social animals and it has been the essence of civilizational growth and evolution. The pandemic has once again reaffirmed this idea of living a socially engaging lifestyle.

Developers are also understanding the same and now coming up with numerous new projects that can nurture meaningful social interaction and render a sense of social community lifestyle.

Meaningful social interaction and a strong sense of community are conducive to wellness and harmonious living. It is gratifying these values are being acknowledged and echoed amongst the public and developer community. It is sad that it takes a pandemic for people to realise the need for gravitating towards living in gratifying communities that are thoughtfully designed towards the welfare of its residents.