GoodEarth Social Initiatives

“Playground is the greatest level-playing field”

GoodEarth Social Initiatives

Playground is the greatest level-playing field

By Published On: May 10, 2024

For more than 35 years, GoodEarth has built sustainable communities. We at GoodEarth not only build communities but also nurture communities around. In our journey, we have realised that our work needs to impact the people and the environment at large.

GoodEarth-supported football coaching programme is one such initiative of ours.

Since 2012 with Coach Andrews H D, an Ex-Indian football player, leading the outreach programme, we have been coaching children and youth from the neighbouring villages. Playground is a great equaliser, where children play transcending all barriers and forge a kinship with common love for the game. And now with children from the GoodEarth communities too being trained, the playground has turned into an interactive public space.